Joe Rosso is a native of North Carolina. He was born in Greensboro, NC and currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

Joe Rosso co-founded LW Land in 2008. The parent company was established in 2001. LW Land is a land acquisition, development, marketing and sales company. Joe locates and assists in the purchases of distressed land assets, improves the asset and sells individual home sites to the public at a discounted price. The land is acquired from distressed sellers, estates, the state and federal government, banks, FDIC owned and controlled land, etc. Land is also marketed to marketing groups, investors, hedge funds, trust etc.

Joe Rosso has a diverse background in Real Estate, finance, marketing and land development. Joe’s Finance experience began as a mortgage loan officer in 2003 and part of that was spent with the Southgroup Companies. Joe then transitioned to real estate marketing, land sales and acquisition. Utilizing his finance background in real estate and particularly land has helped him with creating plans to make transactions work. It has also been beneficial in helping his customers understand the different options they have in obtaining property and fully explaining different types of loans that banks offer.

Joe Rosso’s focus is land marketing, acquisition, development, and sales events. He is involved in every step of the process from acquisition to closing. Customer relationship and satisfaction is a major focus and always comes first. When searching for land Joe always asks himself, “would this be something I would like to own”? Years of experience and knowing the customer, knowing their needs and wants drives Joe’s decision in the acquisition phase. Joe looks at many potential land opportunities, but only the premium properties work for LW Land customers.


North Carolina State University
Real Estate

Charities and Clubs:

National Kidney Foundation
Jimmy V Foundation – The V Foundation
Charlotte Fire Fighters Association
The Wolfpack Club
National Association of Realtors


Real Estate, land acquisition, marketing, mortgage, finance, land development, construction, contract negotiating, sales, strategic planning, cost control, project management, permitting, land entitlement, land planning, HOA planning and development, etc.