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beautiful lake lure nc - tropy land for sale by LW LAND

Lake Lure is a town located in Rutherford country, North Carolina. The town is quite small, with a meager population of 1012 citizens. It is built with a total surface area of 14 square miles, 13 of which is land, and the remaining is the lake itself. The town is quite famous for number of things, which wouldn’t come as a surprise judging by its intriguing name and location. Below are 4 beautiful attractions and landmarks in the Lake Lure NC area.

The Canopy Ridge Farm – This is a park based over 40 acres of beautiful, scenic land. It not only has some of the most beautiful flower and vegetation species, but one is likely to come across great locations for horse riding and other activities. It is a great area to relax and unwind especially for tourists, since if offers a specialized, unique experience. IT is also known for having the best ziplines for the adventurous among us, thus people come from across the nation to experience the truly exhilarating feeling of zipping down a mountain.

Docks in Lake Lure - Lake Lure Tours - LW Land For Sale

Lake Lure Tours – The name of this town is enough to offer a lot of intrigue to the crown that revels in the strange and mysterious. Lake Lure tours offer a tour of the city’s more famous locations, landmarks and attractions, including a trip of the lake itself. The audience can get to experience first-hand the beauty of this city and its accompanying lake. The boat tours are famous for being quite informational, as the tour guides have lived here their entire lives and know all there is to know about this town and its inception.

Cedar Creek Riding Stables – As the name suggests, this attraction houses the city’s horses in a scenic, park like environment where tourists can ride them for a fee and can follow trails across the city. It truly is a unique experience and is especially fun for the spirited folk among us. You will be accompanied by a trained professional so there are no hazards while you are out on a ride. Dirty Dancing - Lake Lure gained widespread fame as the primary filming location for the 1987 romantic drama film "Dirty Dancing," starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The movie, directed by Emile Ardolino, tells the story of a summer romance between a dance instructor (Swayze) and a young woman (Grey) at a resort in the Catskill Mountains. However, despite the film being set in New York's Catskill Mountains, most of the movie was actually filmed at Lake Lure and nearby locations in North Carolina.

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